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MatPat : Strap into your DeLorean, and accelerate to 88 miles per hour, 'cause we're talking about time travel!

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MatPat : Hello Internet, and welcome to Game Theory! Gaming's tangential learning experience!
Through these videos, we hope you'll find more reasons to appreciate some of your favorite games, while sparking some interest in some new real-world topics.
On this, our inaugural episode, we'll be looking at one of my all-time favorite RPGs, Chrono Trigger, and analyzing what - if anything - the game can teach us about it's core gameplay mechanic: Time Travel.

MatPat : We'll start off by looking at the 1st method of time travel used in the game.
The adventure kicks off with a science experiment gone wrong. Take one teleportation pod, throw in a magical pendant, and --bada bing, bada boom!-- You've accidentally torn the time space continuum.
The characters eventually refer to these 4th Dimensional portals as "Time Gates".

BUT - Is it fact or fiction?
Are there any real-world equivalents to these phenomena?
Well, Square, Chrono's developer, knows what they are talking about; because, believe it or not, there have been reports of real-world "Time Gates".

They're officially called "Time Slips."
Paranormal events where a group of people travel through time via some unknown, accidental, or mystical way. The reports are... well, i'll let you be the judge.

This link will take you to some videos outlining a few of these stories.
(As of the writing of this script, this link does not work.)

Specifically, one from 1979 about a time-tripping hotel.
Chrono's tim gates are also VERY reminiscent of wormholes. Specifically, TRAVERSABLE wormholes.